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InfoCaptor is an ad-hoc dashboard, reporting and documentation tool. It is suitable for extracting information from your database and presenting in multiple formats.

  • Drop your SQL query in the editor, then quickly create tables and charts
  • Link up related portlets (tables, charts) using drills
  • Define parameters and wire up all of your portlets
  • Generate documentation for your database in PDF, HTML, Excel
  • Generate Lineage documentation for your Data Warehouse and BI environment
  • Create briefing books from your dashboard contents, suitable for distributing and presentations
  • Create quick Dashboard prototypes, no server installation needed
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Download your trial copy of InfoCaptor today. Try it risk free for 30 days, or:

Use the following links to purchase InfoCaptor now.

Quick and Easy Dashboard Designer - $299 Get the Professional Editor to design new dashboards and modify existing dashboards.

Advanced Dashboard Viewer - $199 - InfoCaptor Advanced Viewer is ideal for distributing it to your end users. The users will not be able to modify the dashboards you define but they will have full read access and able to export to Excel, CSV, HTML and PDF. Get as many viewers as necessary for each of your End Users.

Support Contract - $70 It is highly recommended to get the support contract. New versions and updates are released frequently and in order to take advantage you should secure it for a nominal fee.

Example Output

We have been using InfoCaptor for a while now in our offices and have been using it to create both HTML and PDF documentation of our Discoverer training databases.

For example, the HTML output below was generated using InfoCaptor against our own Sales training database - the same database we use for our standard end user training. You can see how well laid out the results are.


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We are the authors of the official Oracle Discoverer 10g Handbook.


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